Have an unforgettable experience with an international internship- Student Opinions


Ömer Küçük, Economics / Marubeni Corporation, Japan

In this summer of 2015, I have had the greatest opportunity of doing an internship at Marubeni Corporation. Marubeni has a long time good relationship with Sabanci Holding and they have been providing summer internship programs to two Sabanci University students every year since 2007. This year Esra Bektaş and I had the honor. Before the internship program, we both knew that it was going to be an incredible experience but little did we know that a once in a lifetime experience with the most hospitable and debonair and hardworking people was awaiting us. The program was certainly a very fruitful one. Everywhere we went, we have met with new smiling people. It was very refreshing to see Japanese culture and especially Japanese corporate culture. Moreover, talking with businessman and managers, who are specialized in diverse sectors and from different regions, gives you a hint of businessman’s perspective and makes you realize new business opportunities. There were many other benefits of this program to me and I don’t think they are limited to on this particular program. I would recommend every Sabanci student to take part in at least one international internship program. Don’t do a single internship just because it is necessary, involve in at least 2 internship programs and try your very best to make at least one of them international. You will see its benefits after graduation.

Zain Fuad, Mechatronics Engineering / Bekaert, People's Republic of China

An international internship, for me, is a pathway to an international career. One does not only get to know different cultures and traditions, but also gets a chance to observe the working conditions of a totally different place and environment.In addition to that, I had a great time working in BEKAERT, China. I not only learned about fatigue of materials, but I could observe the working culture of a multi-national company; which could be really beneficial for me in my future career. Being in China was the cherry on top of the cake, because it is a really fast developing country, and I learnt some valuable lessons from a professional point of view which would really help me if I want to start my own company. Lastly, at the end of my internship, I presented my internship to my colleagues and the management of my company in the form of a power point presentation. This was not only good for my confidence and presentation skills, but also a key step for me towards my professional career, as this was the first serious presentation I could give outside my university life.

Mustafa Beşirli, Electronics Engineering / Cern France

I did my internship at CERN for two months. People at CERN seek answers to questions about the creation of universe. I was a summer student at CERN and summer students attend several lectures for three hours every day. After lectures, students work in a research group located at CERN. The research environment was really excellent and people were very helpful. It was really very useful and enjoyful internship period for me. I really become experienced in detection systems of antiproton and proton. I learned about particle physics, experimental physics, cryogenics and most of electronics devices. I strongly recommend all to apply summer student program of CERN. You can really have an active task in a research group and you can also have a chance to continue your career at CERN