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First Step To The Business World Program

irst Step to the Business World: Discover talent at an early phase

First Step to the Business World is a program that allows first- and second-year Sabancı University students to start learning about the job market and career opportunities by gaining insight into the inner workings of corporations. This two-week program during the semester break in January gives students their first experience as interns.

Benefits to the institution

• Better brand awareness
• Early insight into the potential of Sabancı University students

Benefits to the student

• Getting to know career areas and the working environment
• Discovering more about jobs
• Opportunity in networking


1. Institution and Student Applications
Institutions complete an “Application Form” and submit this to the Internship Office. Students who wish to take part in the program complete and submit the “Student Application Form” at the same time.

2. Institution-Student Matching
Students specify the industry and department they wish to complete their internship when filling out the Student Application Form. Institutions and students are matched based on the information submitted.

3. Sharing Students Information to Institutions
The personal information of students are sharing with the institutions for selection.

4. Appraisal
 Institutions and students will be asked to complete an Internship Appraisal Form at the end of internship.