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Our Career Development Program is composed of a number of career events throughout the year to help students discover jobs and industries, make informed choices, and gain the competencies they will need in the future.




More Suggestions:

  • Bring SU alumni and/or recent grads who is currently working at your company.
  • Publish your job/internship opportunities before the events
  • In your announcements, give an emphasis on international opportunities if possible as most of our students are attracted to those.
  • In you event description, include brief organization description,event format/duration and who will be there, who the events targets, topics of discussion,link to careerlink job postings to capture students’ attention
  • Make sure to prepare a students friendly visual

Career Events for Professional Life
These events serve to facilitate the transition of students to professional life, teach them more about the industries and companies appropriate to their majors, and improve their skills and knowledge.

Please contact Cemre Sandal ( and fill in Events Inquiry Form for the below events.

Recruitment Talks: Companies will meet Sabancı University students to introduce themselves and their areas of business, promote career and internship opportunities, and inform students of their recruitment processes. Companies hold meetings related to their recruitment needs at the Sabancı University campus or online. (February-March)

Career Talks with Alumni: We hold career panels where our alumni working in different industries and positions share their knowledge and insights with students in an interactive environment. 

Campus Recruitment Days: Representatives of companies and institutions visit Sabancı University and conduct their job and internship interviews on campus. (March and April)

Online Interview Simulation: HR professionals or/and unit manageonline-interviewrs hold interview simulations one-to-one and give feedback to improve our students' interview skills. This event is held on campus or online. (at different times during the academic semester)

CV / LinkedIn Profile Evaluation: HR professionals or/and unit managers give feedback to students' CVs or LinkedIn profiles in one-on-one meetings to improve their chances in the applications. This event is held online. (at different times during the academic semester)

Apart from the above versions, different activities can be carried out if the requests from institutions and organizations are evaluated and found to be suitable for the specifications of the regulations.

Career Events for Academic Life
For students who wish to pursue academic careers, we have university presentation days, panel discussions with alumni. You can contact Özge Alacakoç ( for international university days.

International University Days: Select foreign universities are invited to the campus to promote their master's and doctorate programs for interested students.

Alumni Panel: We hold panel discussions with alumni continuing their academic careers for experience and knowledge sharing in an interactive environment.