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Career Office Services

Dear faculty members,
We wish to work in close cooperation with you to support the career development of our students and help them transition to professional life.

What can we do together?

  • You can direct students who wish to receive career development support to the Career Office.
  • You can send us the advertisements you receive from institutions you work with for sharing with our students.
  • You can also forward us announcements for various trainings, grants, contests and exams you may receive.
  • You can ask us for support in inviting speakers appropriate to the subjects you teach.
  • You can contact us for organizing company and factory visits.

Ongoing Work with Faculties

School of Management

  • Organizational Behavior “Recitation”Organizational Behavior (OB) course “recitations” are led by the Career Office. Every year, we invite subject matter experts for career development-focused lectures. Please click here for testimonial.
  • Career Course Project (in progress)
  • Mentorship Project (in progress)

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science

  • Integrated Internship ProgramThe Integrated Internship Program offers students the opportunity of a long-term internship. Following the two-month compulsory internship at the end of the third year, students may continue internship for an additional 4 to 5 months as a "graduation project."Projects recommended by the internship office are shared with faculty members.Projects chosen by faculty members are communicated to students.Students work with faculty members throughout their graduation project.Please click here for more information about the Integrated Internship Program.