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Present in 107 countries and territories, AIESEC is an international platform that enables young people to discover and develop their potentials to make a positive impact on society.

AIESEC Turkey was established in 1954 with a cabinet resolution, and aims to provide the business world as a large driver of social development with young leadership that possess the right values and approaches, thereby helping the development of the youth and the society in Turkey.

The International Internship Program is the most extensive initiative of AIESEC, and has been in effect since 1949.  All AIESEC chapters utilize a professional selection system to determine those university students who possess the spirit of entrepreneurship, who are innovative and open to different cultures, and who have an appropriate academic résumé to offer them internship opportunities at partners worldwide.  The International Internship Program provides professional work experience to students at one of the partners in 107 countries of the world, and supplies its partners with quality human resources that meets their needs.

1. Eligible Applicants; Selection Criteria and Process
Applications fall into one of Management and Technical categories.

a) Management Internships and Technical Internships: These are project-based and paid internships that have job definitions related to the student’s field.  Wages differ from one country or company to another.
Management Internships:
• 2nd, 3rd, 4th year undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni that have graduated within the last 2 years may apply.
• Open to students and alumni of Economics, Management or Manufacturing Systems Engineering programs
Technical Internships:
• 2nd, 3rd, 4th year undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni that have graduated within the last 2 years may apply.
• Open to students and alumni of Computer, Manufacturing or Mechatronic Engineering programs

Selection Criteria and Process:
• International Internship Examination: This is a 50-question, multiple choice exam of English that focuses on reading and grammar.  You may additionally take German or Spanish exams in addition to English.  The bell curve grading system is applied to results.
• Interviews: Individual and group interviews, interviews of English and online competency form assessments comprise this step.
• Enrollment and Internship Search: Selected students begin using the AIESEC system.  All documents and information related to internship opportunities and host companies may be found here.  The internship searching and admittance process begins with this online system.

b) Development Internships: This internship requires the intern to work on social responsibility projects at the host organization.  In addition to social development, this type of internship helps the intern gain project management, supervision and team management experience, cultural awareness, communication skills, and personal and professional development skills.  These internships are unpaid, and interns are provided with a place to stay.
These internships range from 6 to 10 weeks in duration.
There are no class or program restrictions.  Preparatory year students may also take part.

Selection Criteria and Process:
Development Internship exams are held online.  Interviews may be made if necessary.

2. Host Institutions That Admit SU Students via AIESEC
Leadership Clubs, Ukraine
Idealizer ApS, Denmark
Volkswagen CEE Purchasing Office, Hungary
Cosmofon A.D, Macedonia
Research In Motion, Canada
PBOX: Project Synergy, India
Smart Acts, India
Teleperformance Hellas, Greece
Dell, Slovakia
Nokia Siemens, Germany
Jayanita Exports Pvt Ltd, India

• The International Internship Examination, the first leg of intern selection, is held twice a year in October and March.
• The AIESEC chapter in the host country is responsible for arranging a place for you to stay, introducing you to the host organization, arranging special events to introduce you to the culture of the host country, and providing additional assistance as required.