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AIESEC, established in 1948 by seven young people from different countries, aims to ensure permanent world peace and activate the potential of humanity. It offers social responsibility and professional internship opportunities to university students and graduates, bringing together companies, non-governmental organizations, and talented young individuals from various countries. With operations in 108 countries, AIESEC is the largest youth organization in the world.

  1. Global Volunteer

Global Volunteer is the largest international youth program that contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals. It provides an intercultural experience designed to develop leadership skills in young people who aspire to make a global impact. By participating in voluntary social responsibility projects abroad for 6-8 weeks, you can gain practical experience, step out of your comfort zone, explore different cultures, promote your own culture, and discover both yourself and the world.

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  1. Global Talent

Global Talent is an international program aimed at providing university students or graduates with professional experience abroad in their desired fields. With Global Talent, candidates put their theoretical knowledge into practice and gain a competitive advantage in the business world by working in international environments such as start-ups, business development centers, and international companies, in addition to acquiring professional experience aligned with their competencies.

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  1. Global Teacher

Global Teacher is a 9-78-week internship program designed for teaching students or graduates to gain experience in non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, or international schools abroad. Candidates have the opportunity to develop their teaching skills in an open and international educational environment. Besides personal growth, they also contribute to the social development of a different culture.

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  1. Global Host

The Global Host program aims to host young people from different countries and cultures during their time in Turkey. Every year, more than 2000 cultural ambassadors from various countries engage in long or short-term internships in Turkish companies (ranging from 3 to 52 weeks) or participate in voluntary social responsibility projects. With the Global Host program, you can host young people from abroad in your home for a minimum of 3 weeks, giving you the opportunity to learn about different cultures, improve your foreign language skills, and introduce Turkish culture to your guests.

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  1. AIESEC Membership

Being a part of AIESEC means joining a large community of globally-minded young leaders. AIESEC members have the opportunity to develop their own potential while making a positive impact on society through voluntary work. As the younger generation, we have the chance to create a sustainable world filled with opportunities. Today's youth needs an international perspective, practical experience, and leadership skills to thrive.

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