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Sabancı University develops liberal, innovative and creative individuals who are:

  • competent and self-confident in all aspects;
  • equipped with the ability for multidimensional and independent thought;
  • aware of social issues;
  • helping to advance science and technology, and to disseminate knowledge generated in the university.

What sets Sabancı University apart:

  • Our university is Turkey's first non-departmental university.  We do not have any academic departments because we believe the conventional department system hampers interdisciplinary interaction, leading to early and limited specialization.
  • The backbone of our tuition system is the FOUNDATIONS DEVELOPMENT YEAR where students take courses from different disciplines to get to know all majors more closely.
  • Civic Involvement Projects are required for all Sabancı University majors. The CIP101 course allows students to take an active role in understanding life's realities by addressing them is an essential aspect of high-quality higher education.
  • The domestic and international internship programs managed by our Internship Office allows students to put their theoretical knowledge to practice.

Faculties and Academic Programs:
There are three faculties present in Sabancı University; Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences,  Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and School of Management. For further information please click here.

Our Students by Numbers:
For the latest statistics, click here.