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Meet Sabanci University Students

Sabancı University develops liberal, innovative and creative individuals who are:

  • competent and self-confident in all aspects;
  • equipped with the ability for multidimensional and independent thought;
  • aware of social issues;
  • helping to advance science and technology, and to disseminate knowledge generated in the university.

What sets Sabancı University apart:

  • Our university is Turkey's first non-departmental university.  We do not have any academic departments because we believe the conventional department system hampers interdisciplinary interaction, leading to early and limited specialization.
  • The backbone of our tuition system is the FOUNDATIONS DEVELOPMENT YEAR where students take courses from different disciplines to get to know all majors more closely.
  • Civic Involvement Projects are required for all Sabancı University majors. The CIP101 course allows students to choose the projects that suit them most out of 35 projects in 9 themes, opened every semester.
  • The domestic and international internship programs managed by our Internship Office allows students to put their theoretical knowledge to practice.

Faculties and Academic Programs:
There are three faculties present in Sabancı University; Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences,  Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and School of Management. For further information please click here.

Our Students by Numbers:
For the latest statistics, click here.