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On-Campus Interview Days
Recruitment officers of various companies share internship and new graduate job opportunities, and visit Sabancı University to interview selected candidates.

You can reach related internship/job posts on our online career platform Career Link during specified dates. 

March & April

Why should you take part?

  • You will have direct access to recruiters and submit your CV
  • You will take part in real job interviews in the familiar setting of the campus
  • You will gain interview experience and may receive job or internship offers

Information Sessions
Companies will meet you to introduce themselves and their areas of business, promote career and internship opportunities, and inform you of their recruitment processes. Events may be held at the Sabancı University campus or company offices.

Continuously during the academic year

Why should you take part?

  • You will learn more about various sectors and companies
  • You can build a professional network
  • You may find out about job and internship opportunities and apply for positions you like
  • You can receive tips from employers regarding their recruitment processes

Career Talks with Alumni
Our alumni working in different industries and positions share their knowledge and insights with you in an interactive environment.

November & April

Why should you take part?

  • You can listen to the experiences of people who have been on the same path with you and plan your career accordingly
  • You can build a professional network
  • You will know more about areas of employment and job options
  • You can talk with alumni regarding their professional development and receive tips

Case Studies

These are interactive meetings with employers and students. By studying real-life cases, you can find solutions to authentic problems and find the opportunity to apply the theoretical education you have received.

Continuously during academic year

Why should you take part?

  • Did you know that many companies have their candidates work on case studies during recruitment? You can meet employers and learn more about what to focus on when analyzing cases
  • You can use this experience in recruitment processes.