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1. Cover/Title Page

1.1. Student Name / ID / Faculty / Program / Year
1.2 Internship Start-Finish Date
1.3 Company/Institution Name
1.4 Internship Department(s)

2. Details of the Internship

2.1. Company Information: Provide background information about the company, which may include its history, its products and or services, market and competitive position, recent developments, size, etc. (a couple of paragraphs at most).
2.2. Department Information: Provide a general description of the department you worked in and its activities (one paragraph at most)
2.3. Internship responsibilities: Provide a general description of your internship responsibilities, including a description of your daily activities (a couple paragraphs at most).
2.4. Major Projects/Accomplishments: Write summary descriptions for each major project, report, etc. developed (about a paragraph summarizing each).
2.5. Career possibilities: Which positions are possible in this company after graduation? What is the typical career track for these positions?
2.6. Personal career reflections: Provide a personal reflection of your strengths and weaknesses regarding knowledge and skills required for an entry position in the department(s) you have done your internship. Can you imagine yourself working there?
2.7. Internship Assessment: Discuss the pros and cons of your experience (take into account your expectations and motivation in choosing this internship).