Pathway to Silicon Valley Program Applications are Open!

Published on 03.07.2019 09:37

Dear students,

If you are
  • a CS student interested in internship and job opportunities at Silicon Valley based companies
  • a student who have a good understanding of Computer Science basics, Data Structures, Algorithms
  • proficient in at least one programming language
Pathway to Silicon Valley is a chance for you to learn and experience more about the technical interview process.

What we offer:
  • Our goal is to help you prepare for coding interviews.
  • Every week during the semester you will get 3-4 coding questions.
  • Every week we will have a discussion session to have mock interviews and to discuss coding questions.
  • You will get a chance of referral(for internship/job applications) based on your improvement in discussions, challenges and mock interviews.
  • You will get a chance to meet and network with engineers from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon.
  • You will learn culture of Silicon Valley companies.
What we do not offer:
  • The main purpose of the program is to help you prepare for the interviews. It is not to teach you Computer Science.
What we expect:
  • You are expected to attend 2 hour discussion sessions unless you have an acceptable excuse. Homework, projects or exam preparation are not acceptable excuses. If you choose not to attend a discussion session you can have a makeup session for the discussion you missed. You can have at most 2 makeup sessions
  • You need to practice solving coding questions at least 5-6 hours every week on your own. This is crucial for you to improve your problem solving and interviewing skills.

Important Note: If you wish to apply for an internship at Silicon Valley companies for Summer 2020, you are encouraged to apply for this program this semester. Applications for Summer 2020 internships generally open at the beginning of August 2019. Hence it is much better for you to start preparing now.

If you want to participate in the program you can sign up here until July 5. A test consisting of coding questions will be sent to your email after registrations are completed.