AIESEC International Internship Information Session

Published on 29.11.2018 10:18


Dear students,

AIESEC, information seminar regarding international internships will be organised at December 18, Tuesday.

Hour: 13:00-13:40

Place: Cinema Hall, University Center

Aiesec, is a youth-run non-govermental organisation providing students and recent graduates professional and volunteer experiences ranging from global internships to dynamic leadership programs on campus.

Global Talent: Global Talent enables young people to gain relevant skills for their future careers by working within a global environment within small to medium sized businesses, multi-national corporations and NGO's.

Global Citizen: Global Citizen is an intensive international volunteer abroad experience that enables you to work on projects that impact social issues.

Leadership: To gain holistic experience AIESEC offers you the opportunity to take on a leadership role on top of the opportunities for international volunteering and internships.

For detailed information:

Global Talent - //

Global Citizen -  //

AIESEC Membership - //


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