Erasmus+ Internship Applications Are Open! (2019 January - May Only)

Published on 05.11.2018 09:50

Dear students,

We can provide Grant for 8-10 students, you can apply for Erasmus Internship Mobilities and complete your internship between 14th of January 2019 - 31st of May 2019.

Requirements for application:

- Minimum 2 months of internship must be done within the time period

- Students can only apply while they are still students

- Any Academic Calendar that student is enrolled cannot overlap with the internship (if student of any other university -exchange/erasmus- the Academic Calendar of that university cannot overlap with the internship period)

- The internship period cannot exceed the given period (14th of January 2019 - 31st of May 2019)

Deadline for Application: 15/12/2018


Stage 1:  Submission of the Application Documents:

Students have to submit following documents:

1. Application Form (Application form must be filled out online and signed)
2. CV
3. Transcript *(Official Transcript)
4. Picture
5. Letter of Acceptance (Stamped & Signed by the Receiving Organization) 

Stage 2: Submission of the Certificate of Acceptance: 15th of December 2018

The students who successfully fulfill the application criteria, the foreign language requirement and the Erasmus grade criterion must submit a certificate of acceptance from the institution to which they will be intern until 15th of December 2018.

The application documents will be sent to

The students who submit their application successfully will be informed.

Students who have not submitted the letter of acceptance will not be considered to have completed their applications.

Application Criteria: 

The suitable of applications is checked by the minimum average grade criterion determined by the National Agency.

• Undergraduate: 2.20 / 4.00
• Graduate: 2,50 / 4,00

• Participation in the Erasmus + program before the same level of education: For every previous attendance - 10 points

• Disadvantaged students (the doctor's report about health status, if the offer together with the application form): +10 points

• In case of mobility in the country of origin: -10 points

Applications will be evaluated on Erasmus Score:

• Erasmus Score: 50% CGPA + 50% FOREIGN LANGUAGE

- Students who have previously attended Erasmus Education and / or Internship Mobility will have 10 points deduction from Erasmus Score. --

- Students who apply for two open calls at the same time will also have 10 points deduction from Erasmus Score.

- Graduated students may also benefit from mobility if they apply before graduation.

- The minimum period for Erasmus Internship Mobility is 2 months and students have the right to benefit from Erasmus Student Mobility for 12 months during their undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies. 

 Erasmus + Grant Chart

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