Career Event / Ace Trading-How to Become a Professional Equities Trader

Published on 18.05.2021 11:48

Ace Trading is starting to hire people for their new Equities Trader Program. In this event, they will share how to trade and become a professional trader with the participation of Ace Trading CEO Anton Panayotov and mentors.

Ace Trading offers unique opportunities for traders who are just starting out. At the Hedge Fund Ace Trading, you can learn to trade a variety of products listed on the New York Stock Exchange and you don’t need a starting capital.@Ace, Senior Traders will guide you on 1-o-1 in your journey to becoming a Professional Trader.

Event Date & Time: May 25, 2021 @2pm

Zoom Meeting ID: 912 5201 1663 Passcode:222326

Career Development & Internship Office