University of Washington Early Childhood Cognition Lab Summer Intenship


2018 University of Washington

Early Childhood Cognition Lab Summer Internship


The Early Childhood Cognition Lab at the University of Washington is offering summer internships to bright, energetic students who are eager to learn more about development psychology. Directed by Professor Jessica Sommerville, the lab conducts research on the development of children's sociomoral concerns (e.g., when and how do infants and children understand distributive fairness?), and their sociomoral behavior (e.g., what motivates infants' and children's prosocial behavior?). To investigate these topics, we use a combination of techniques that include behavioral approaches (e.g., infants' attention to social events, infants' active choices of social partners, infants' use of touch screens to evaluate events, etc.), and psychophysical approaches (e.g., EEG, ERP, pupil dilation, etc.).

Summer interns will receive hands-on experience in every step of the research process. Each intern will also be paired with a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow and will work together on a project. Interns will participate in professional development seminars throughout the summer. At the end of the internship, each intern will create and present a poster at a research symposium. The internship is unpaid; applicants are encouraged to apply for funding from their home institutions or other external sources. The program will take place over 9 weeks during the summer of 2018 (mid June - mid August). Interns will work 35-40 hours per week. Past interns have gone on to graduate school or work in full-time research positions.

Duties may include:
- Recruiting and scheduling lab participants
- Assisting with stimuli design and creation
- Conducting studies with infants and children in the lab
- Coding and analyzing data
- Discussing relevant journal articles in lab meetings

Required qualifications:
- Major in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Anthropology, or related field
- Commitment to at least 35 hours per week for 9 weeks
- Basic computer skills and proficiency with MS Office
- Experience working with children

If interested, please send a resume/CV, an unofficial transcript, and completed application form to Rachel Horton, Lab Manager, at Applications will be accepted until Friday, March 16th, 2018For more information about the lab please visit our website (//


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