Erasmus+ Internship Program applications has started!

Dear students,

Erasmus+ Internship Program applications will be active until March 18, 2016.

For further information please click here.

Application Documents:

1. 2 months Acceptance Letter from the host organisation
Important: The finishing date for the internships must be not later thanSeptember 30, 2016.

2. CV and Transcript


Deadline: March 18, 2016

Selection Process:

For undergraduate students: English language score will be calculated by  (ENG 101 x 0,4) + (ENG 102 x 0,6).
For postgraduate students: Your submitted  ELAE / TOEFL / IELTS score will be considered as your English language score.

The Internship Office calculates and lists the average score of each applicant by considering %50 of the English score and %50 of the students Cumulative GPA.

*In addition to academic achievement and language score, if the applicant has benefited from another Lifelong Learning Program or Erasmus+ mobility scheme while pursuing the same level of academic degree, 10 points will be subtracted for each and every activity utilized (regardless of whether internship or education) when calculating academic achievement and language score averages.

 A number of top-ranking students fulfilling the anual quata attend the program. Results are notified to all applicants by writing.


Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences: 15 students

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: 5 students

School of Management: 5 students

For the countries included to Erasmus+ Internship Program and the amount of  the grant please click here.

For the list of institutions that admit SU students via Erasmus Internship Program please click here.


Internship Office
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