Achievement of Career & Internship Office

Career & Internship Office has been granted with 270.640 Euros with its project application to Erasmus+ Program Key Action 2 (KA2) Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education. In 2014, 54 proposals had been submitted to Turkish National Agency in the field of strategic partnerships for higher education and only 9 of these proposals were financed.

Sabanci University Career & Intenrship Office will be the coordinator of  international project  "Generation Y's Virtual Guide to Skill Development and Personal Branding in Social Media" which aims to support Generation Y's employability. The project will help students to gather top employability skills and train them in promoting themselves to employers through effective use of social media.

The project will last 36 months and the below listed organizations will contribute various project activities.

  • Universium Global / Sweden
  • Novancia Business School / France
  • Türk Kültür Vakfı - AFS / Turkey
  • Abdullah Gul University/ Turkey

Şule Yalçın, manager of career development and alumni  shared her views;

"Sabanci University is among the organizations which is granted highest fund in the field of Strategic Partnerships for higher education. This is the first time a Career Office in Turkey received this type of grant. I wholeheartedly believe this will contribute to the career development activities of our University"

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